Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Download Firmware MATRIX BURGER Android 4k_V2.0.4_02092016.bin

Below are the steps for entering into recovery mode and do force-update if the S2+Android OTT box is broken,please kindly check and note. 1. Rename the update file to RomUpdate.bin 2. Creat a folder named "RomUpdate" under the root directory of USB disk 3. Put the RomUpdate.bin file into the RomUpdate folder 4. Power off the machine and plug in the USB disk. Power on and press the "power" on the front panel do not loosen untill you see "UPDATE" displayed on the fontpanel, then it will start the update automatically. 5.After update finished it will reboot automatically and bootup to normal system.


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  2. Matrix Android Burger punya saya saat ini nggak bisa booting dan macet di gambar kedua. Saya sudah coba hal diatas, ternyata belum berhasil. Apakah harus dilakukan hard reset ? Bisa diinformasikan bagaimana caranya ?

  3. saya juga punya android box burger baru beli problem hanya tampil logo doang.para tuser minta fimwarenya android box burger 2